The Benefits of Tiscral Plates in Mining Equipment Manufacturing

Tiscral plates play an essential role in the manufacture of mining equipment. They are ideal for use as liners in chutes, hoppers and crushers due to their superior wear resistance and toughness. Their high chromium alloy content boosts hardness levels, giving them improved resistance against abrasion and impact forces from items such as large boulders and ore particles. Their polishing process also ensures a low coefficient of friction – making them quite suitable for applications where slippage is a problem. As well as increasing product lifetime, fiscal plates will help reduce transportation costs since their strong construction allows for thinner sheet thicknesses with improved load-bearing capabilities. They are also easy to weld, allowing efficient fabrication of complex shapes that can be customized according to customer needs. These properties make fiscal plates invaluable in manufacturing reliable mining equipment that meets the highest safety standards.

What are Tiscral Plates?

Tiscral Plates are the rolls or sheets of stainless steel used to manufacture high-grade goods such as cookware, biomedical implants and aircraft components. It is highly resistant to corrosion, heat and other extreme environmental conditions. It was developed by Bishnupur Steel Industries in India in the late 1970s and has since become a popular commercial choice due to its superior strength and durability. The material comprises an austenitic chromium-nickel alloy fortified with nitrogen which helps it withstand harsh temperatures without losing its formability or toughness. Tiscral Plates come in various shapes, sizes and gauges depending on the application requirements —making them ideal for small consumer products such as pans and large-scale projects like bridges or pressure vessels.

Advantages of Tiscral Plates


Durability is one of the key benefits of Tiscral plates. These plates are designed to withstand heavy wear and tear caused by abrasion, impact, and even corrosion. This makes them ideal for mining equipment components exposed to harsh weather conditions, rocks, and other abrasive materials. When used in mining equipment, Tiscral plates can increase the lifespan of these components, reduce maintenance and replacement costs, and improve overall equipment reliability.


Another significant benefit of Tiscral plates is their exceptional strength. The plates have a high tensile strength, which makes them resistant to deformation and breakage under severe stress. This strength is especially important for mining equipment components that operate under high pressure or in harsh environments. Tiscral plates can provide the necessary strength to handle the demands of mining operations and offer users peace of mind that their equipment can handle the job.


Tiscral plates are versatile and adaptable to different mining applications. They can be customized to suit specific needs, meaning they can be manufactured in different sizes, thicknesses, and shapes. This flexibility makes it easy for mining equipment manufacturers to seamlessly incorporate Tiscral plates into their designs. Tiscral plates can also be used in different parts of mining equipment, such as dump trucks, buckets, chutes, and hoppers.


When it comes to mining equipment manufacturing, the cost is always a significant factor. Tiscral plates offer a cost-effective solution for equipment components. Compared to traditional steel plates, tiscral plates are more durable and reliable and require less maintenance. This reduces the cost of ownership by minimizing the need for replacement parts and the associated labour costs. Additionally, Tiscral plates work best in applications where wear and tear continuously degrade steel substantially.

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Environmentally friendly: The mining industry is responsible for significant environmental degradation. Mining equipment manufacturers need to take responsibility for manufacturing equipment that is safe for the environment. Tiscral plates offer an environmentally friendly solution. Because of their high durability, these plates do not require regular replacement, which helps conserve resources. Moreover, Tiscral plates are recyclable, reducing the environmental footprint of mining operations.


Tiscral plates offer significant benefits in the mining industry. These specialized steel plates are durable, versatile, cost-effective, strong, and environmentally friendly. They reassure mining equipment manufacturers that they can handle the harshest conditions and specific applications. We expect to see increased adoption of Tiscral plates in mining equipment manufacturing as the industry seeks innovative and efficient solutions.