The Advantages of SA 387 Gr 11 Plates in Pressure Vessel Manufacturing

Are you in the market for quality pressure vessel plates that comply with industry standards? SA 387 Gr 11 steel plates provide an excellent option for mechanical properties and corrosion resistance combinations. Offering a high tensile strength with great fabricability, these plates are widely used in many industries across the globe, from automotive engineering to oil & gas welding operations. Read on as we explore all the advantages of this highly sought-after plate material.

What is SA 387 Gr 11 Plates?

SA 387 Gr 11 plates are steel alloy plates specifically designed for use in pressure vessels, boilers and heat exchangers at high-temperature services. It contains Chromium and Molybdenum as alloying elements, providing superior corrosion resistance and high-temperature strength. These plates have excellent creep, fatigue resistance and thermal stability. Additionally, they provide good weldability under traditional methods or electron beam welding. Furthermore, it is extensively used in the oil & gas industry, where components must withstand high-temperature environments. Finally, these plates also exhibit superior crevice corrosion cracking behaviour in chloride environments, which makes them the perfect choice for such applications!

Benefits of SA 387 Gr 11 Plates

High-Strength Properties:

SA 387 grade 11 plates are made from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel and are designed to provide excellent material strength and superior corrosion resistance. These plates offer exceptional temperature resistance, forming ability, weldability and toughness. The combination of these properties makes them ideal for applications in high-pressure environments such as petrochemical plants, offshore oil platforms, power plants, chemical processing facilities and other industries that require protection from extremely corrosive materials. Additionally, their great tensile strength makes them the perfect choice for structural components such as bridges or storage tanks due to their capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Corrosion Resistance:

SA 387 Gr 11 plates are tantalum and molybdenum alloy steel plates that offer high-temperature corrosion resistance. The chemical composition of the steel plate includes manganese, chromium, and silicon in varying concentrations. This combination of metals makes them especially well-suited for industrial applications where extreme temperatures may be reached. Additionally, their superior corrosion resistance properties make them ideal for use in environments with moisture or salt air exposure, such as marine atmospheric conditions. They possess excellent creep strength at elevated temperatures and an outstanding toughness level even at low temperatures below -200°C (-330°F). Finally, these plates are easily weldable by following conventional procedures, resulting in a homogenous joint between source material and filler metal without needing to preheat before welding operations.

Easy to Fabricate:

SA 387 Gr 11 plates are easy to fabricate, which makes them a popular choice among manufacturers. The plates can be easily cut, drilled, and welded to fit the project’s requirements. This means manufacturers can use these plates to produce pressure vessels of different shapes and sizes.


SA 387 Gr 11 plates are a cost-effective solution in pressure vessel manufacturing. These plates are known for their durability, meaning they can survive longer under high-pressure conditions, reducing the need for frequent maintenance. This, in turn, reduces the costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

Wide Availability:

SA 387 Gr 11 plates are widely available in the market. This means that manufacturers can easily source these plates from suppliers. This makes it easier for manufacturers to complete their projects on time and within budget.


In conclusion, SA 387 Gr 11 plates offer several advantages in pressure vessel manufacturing. These plates are known for their high-strength properties, corrosion resistance, ease of fabrication, cost-effectiveness, and wide availability. All these benefits make SA 387 Gr 11 plates a popular choice for manufacturers looking to produce high-quality pressure vessels that can withstand the toughest conditions. If you want to buy SA 387 Gr 11 plates, source them from a reliable supplier to ensure you get the best quality plates that meet your requirements.