A Guide to SA 387 GR. 22 CL. 2 Plates

What are SA 387 GR. 22 CL. 2 Plates?

Alloy steel SA 387 GR. 22 CL 2 is unique steel & produced using Different standards and specifications. Steel makes it possible to fabricate the material into various final goods & final products include plates for industrial boilers, welded boilers, and pressure vessels. The SA 387 GR.22 CL.2 Plates have a chromium concentration of 2.25% and a molybdenum content of 1%. These chromium and molybdenum steel plates work effectively at various temperatures and consistently offer the best performance.

Applications of SA 387 GR. 22 CL. 2 Plates

  • It has excellent chemical and mechanical properties & provides greater mechanical strength, yielding strength, and tensile strength. The exceptional and appreciable advantages that SA 387 GR.22 CL.2 PLATES offer make it an excellent choice for various applications and industrial use.
  • Adding chromium to the alloy enhances its oxidation resistance at elevated temperatures. These plates have good resistance to pitting corrosion and crevice stress cracking corrosion.
  • This provides strong heat resistance and efficiently prevents the corrosive chemical from dissolving iron, which makes it an excellent choice for gas surroundings & weldability is also good. 
  • It performs efficiently in temperatures up to 600 Deg C and is used for transporting hot liquids.
  • The material’s capacity to withstand corrosion sets it apart from other types of carbon steel. It is often used in pressurized vessels and heat exchangers and is an excellent choice for sour gas environments.

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